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Where Music Meets Mankind Meets Outer Space

Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation

Taking licensing and distribution into all galaxies.  iRoc protects the rights of artists by licensing and distributing royalties for their work in any area off planet earth.  

Your professional or private forum to connect with like minded people who have intergalactic goals from all around the world​ and beyond.    



December  2015


June  2016


October  2016

Inspired by the renewed interest in landing on Mars, future CEO and founder of iRoc, Bruce Furst realizes that where ever mankind goes, there needs to be music.  "Our goal is to correlate brand recognition to the desired audience; in this case that will include humans and whoever else we find in outer space."  

Bruce Furst is granted a private meeting with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to discuss the ability of NASA to provide verification to iRoc music and other data projected to remote planets and beyond.  
The same month that President Barack Obama declares "Getting to Mars will require continued cooperation between government and private innovators and we're already well on our way," the iRoc board of directors holds its first meeting.
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