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The bright future is Now

Contact Light

Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing the performances of their proprietary works in any area of Outer Space. In protocol similar to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), but applied in an area that is inclusive of all planets within the Milky Way Galaxy, and this planet's stratosphere beginning 62 miles above the surface of the earth (The Karman Line).


In addition, iRoc will create compelling and otherworldly marketing for brands seeking outer space distribution. We plan on creating a digital handshake between branded entertainment content and outer space.


When Buzz Aldrin's Lunar Module first touched the surface of the moon, his initial words were, "Contact light," letting NASA know that his vessel was now the first man-made creation to touch the surface of the moon and thereby accomplishing, the once thought impossible, goal of man landing on the moon. At IROC those seemingly simple two words, "contact light"

became our mantra to remind us anything is possible, and that the future is now!


-Bruce Furst, CEO

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